"Sashimi" by Rob CHen

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"Sashimi" by Rob CHen

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I don't want to be a fish
sliced in dishes,
sent to everybody.
I am not me, not complete.

Like Monday morning,
torn apart by every mouth,
ordered by every phone,
I'm worn out, my boss.

I must be delicious, my boss.
Mustard and soy sauce, no need.
You say that I can be everything.
Your eyes, Sushi knives,
Don't push me, I'm dead.
I'm already in your belly.
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Re: "Sashimi" by Rob CHen

文章若爾。諾爾 » 2018-07-26,2:54 am


Enjoyable read and nice to see your postings here. You have a good collection of English poems, perhaps you can consider publishing a book! :wink:
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